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 08:00 - 09:00
Welcome and Breakfast
 09:00 - 10:15
Navigating the Transformation Imperative – An interactive activation
Three interconnected story experiences using an eclectic mix of mediums - from spoken word to high tech – designed to entertain, move, immerse and transport you.
 10:15 - 11:55
Opening Plenary
Asia’s rise as a megaregion: unlocking growth and innovation
Spanning Saudi Arabia to Japan and Russia to Australia, Asia already represents more than half the world's population, half of global GDP, and most of the fastest growing economies. It is also a zone that has spawned incredible innovations, in areas such as social media and renewable energy, that are revolutionizing Asian lives, reshaping commerce, and restructuring the region's economies for the decades ahead. As Asian countries get more internally integrated and their populations get more digitally connected, what type of business models will best thrive in this hyper-competitive landscape? And, importantly, which challenges present the greatest opportunities for innovators in Asia to tackle.
 11:55 - 13:10
Networking & Refueling
Networking, one-to-one peer-learning conversations, and The Playground
 13:10 - 13:50
Plenary: CEO and Executive Conversations
 13:50 - 14:00
 14:00 - 15:30
Take 1: Exploring the Next
Choose from a selection of small-group brainstorming workshops which will take place in atypical environments to disrupt business-as-usual thinking, powered by wavespace and guided by experienced moderators and key thought-leaders.
Industry NextWave Workshops
The intelligently connected society: creating value from real-time data

The era of intelligent connectivity is upon us. The fusion of new 5G networks, AI, and the upscaling of the Internet of Things will change the world, intelligently connecting everyone and everything. Can organizations harness data in this environment to build ‘trusted intelligence’ within new business eco-systems? How can future value be created amongst this complexity? What new business models are best-placed to win? Join one of the following Global Industry NextWave sessions to explore together how ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ will shape our future and our industries, and whether it can create value and a better working world.
1. Defining the connected personalized Wellness ecosystem; powered by trusted intelligence
Health is no longer just about delivering care — it’s about staying well.
- Healthcare was about treating disease, but Wellness is about personalized, predictive prevention, and cure.
- Healthcare was in hospitals and clinics, but Wellness happens wherever consumers are.
- Healthcare was focused on services, medicines and devices but Wellness will be driven by data and behavior change. 
Join us as we uncover how Future Value will both be created and captured in this new world ecosystem.
2. Connected Citizens
By 2030, 90 percent of the 8.5 billion people on earth will be connected to the internet. What will it mean to live in this hyper-connected world, and what will it take to serve its citizens? Join us to explore the future lives of people in the connected world and how organizations can transform in order to serve them. 
3. Trusted Intelligence through Global Trade ecosystems
Trade must transform and it starts with trust. The shift from traditional trade networks to collaborative ecosystems will surface new ways to truly disrupt the historical terms of trade. As trade continues to pivot from the flow of documents to the sharing of trusted data and intelligence, we will see the conditions for trust, friction reduction and increased transparency redefined. With data fast becoming the fuel, establishing and maintaining trust in that data is critical. If you can’t trust the underlying data, then you can’t trust the intelligence that it generates.
4. Connected Manufacturing and eMobility – Unlocking Data Monetization
Connectivity is opening new value pools across products, services and consumers. Manufacturing has leveraged connected devices for many years and will contribute 35% of the estimated 1.6 trillion USD IoT market by 2025. This session will examine data monetization in a connected global market, and map how companies must accelerate data monetization or face extinction. 
5. Technology-driven Consumer Business Models: Optimizing the operating model when the customer is in control
Industries across the global economy are experiencing unprecedented change arising from accelerating shifts in customer preferences and expectations, often powered by advances in technology, communications and content.  Longstanding, highly-profitable ecosystems are breaking down or evolving into entirely new commercial frameworks.  In this session we will investigate how companies are responding to current marketplace realities by adapting their operating model to unlock the resources required to drive innovation while also delivering returns to all stakeholders. 
6. Energy and Resources in a connected world
Decarbonization. Electric transport. Reimagining oil and gas. Innovation. Harnessing the mine of the future. These are the hottest energy topics at the center of discussion and debate. Join us to analyze and discuss the transformation of the global energy ecosystem and the disruptive technologies that are unlocking reserves and providing platforms to bring a myriad of energy sources to scale. This session will explore how data and sensors play a role in the integration of these new technologies and what the industry needs to do to embrace this connected future.
7. The new food ecosystem
How can food production innovate fast enough to feed the world? Learn how the consumer demand for food transparency, personalization, sustainable production, as well as disruptive forces are innovating the entire value chain from source to consume. We will also discuss how companies, from retail, consumer goods and health to tech, finance and governments will be impacted.
8. Financial Wellness & Personalization
The rapid deployment of new technology is changing the way we not only live and work, but also how we spend and save our money. However, the digital innovation happening in financial services today has not yet translated into better financial well-being. Discover what it will take to help consumers achieve better financial well-being. With intelligent automation applied to vast reserves of data, it’s not a stretch to imagine a world where personalized interactions and outcomes through smart devices will offer tailored services, and help consumers make smart financial decisions in micro-moments, giving consumers control over their physical, mental and financial health. 
Leveraging AI to transform your business (45 minutes)

Innovation in Asia (45 minutes)
 15:30 - 16:30
Networking, Reflection and Learning
 16:30 - 16:45
 16:45 - 17:30
Plenary Session: Disrupting InsideOut and Disrupting OutsideIn: How the Global 1000 will Drive Disruptive Growth over the Next Decade and Beyond
Over the first 50 years of the Silicon Valley, the G1000 didn’t pay much attention to start-ups except as technology providers. All that changed in the last five years as the Silicon Valley ecosystem began to focus on disrupting every single existing large industry, including yours. Linda Yates, CEO of Mach49 and Paul Holland, General Partner at Foundation Capital will debate who will win the battle for innovation. Learn how the Global 1000 can beat startups at their own game and develop insight into how G1000 and start-ups are combining forces to create the next generation of digitally native mega-companies.
 17:30 - 17:45
Highlights & Summary of Day 1
 17:45 - 18:30
 18:30 - 20:00
Dinner and Industry Conversations

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