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September - October 2020
Navigating the transformation imperative

As the world reacts in real time to an unprecedented set of global challenges there is an ever-more urgent need for business leaders to connect and collaborate – sharing hard-won experience and expertise to strategize what’s after what’s next.  

From its inception, Innovation Realized has inspired C-suite executives to come together, in person, to solve the now, explore the next, and imagine the beyond.  

Now we are proud to expand our program with the launch of Innovation Virtualized – an original online series that bridges the virtual and the physical to propel unchartered thinking into meaningful action. 

Innovation Virtualized is not yet another “webinar” to leave running in the background as you multi-task on other things. 
Just as Innovation Realized revolutionized the interactivity of the C-suite summit, so Innovation Virtualized will ignite the collaborative potential of EY Wavespace to create a truly immersive, interpersonal experience. 

Innovation Virtualized offers a unique window into navigating the Transformation Imperative – planning for future scenarios while protecting present value. 

The companies who will succeed at this dual strategy are differentiated by their ability to leverage three critical value drivers: placing humans at the center of their organization, leveraging technology at speed and enabling innovation at scale. Those that do this well will navigate uncertainty, reframe their future and emerge as leaders in the next wave of value creation. 

Covid-19 has reset the status quo for generations to come. 

Blending the virtual and the physical is no longer a curious outlier – it is the immediate future of business interaction and operation. 

Join us online at Innovation Virtualized to solve the now, explore the next, and imagine the beyond. 

in a unique, spectacular and multi-sensory environment Join us online at Innovation Virtualized to solve the now, explore the next, and imagine the beyond. 
  • Network with peers and professionals from across the globe
  • Discuss shared challenges at the vanguard of transformation and accelerate self-learning
  • Ignite unexpected and uncharted thinking in a multi-sensory environment and small group discussions to drive actionable takeaways
  • Participate in facilitated debates on issues of urgency
  • Transcend conventional boundaries between participant and speaker
  • Accelerate personal and organizational change
  • Explore the next horizon in deep-dive NextWave industry workshops
  • Engage with technology professionals one-to-one at the Transformation Enablement Zone
  • Activate private meetings with EY subject-matter professionals
  • Share next steps and lessons learned in small groups, masterclasses, and plenaries
  • Discover the cutting-edge of innovation from Asia-based start-ups
  • Emerge with immediately actionable takeaways
  • Imagine what’s after what’s next

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