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September - October 2020
Navigating the transformation imperative
You’re invited to Innovation Realized: Navigating the transformation imperative

Now determined by [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], the new paradigm of long-term value creation requires you to strategize future scenarios while protecting present value. The winners will be those who navigate an increasingly complex environment and globally driven future to build trust, drive growth and unlock the human potential of hyperconnected enterprises.
Innovation Realized is a window into this superfluid future – an exclusive, boundary-blurring summit for select C-suite leaders to disrupt business-as-usual thinking and harness this moment of transformational opportunity. Hosted for the first time in Asia, this global summit will explore unique insights into the forces of innovation and creativity shaping the rising Asia.
Build a better working world by rewriting the rules: solve what matters now, explore what’s next, and imagine how we go beyond. 
Why you should attend

Every detail of the EY exclusive annual C-suite summit is designed to disrupt status-quo thinking – encouraging leaders across all sectors to seize the opportunities of our new Transformative Age.

Created in collaboration with C2, funded by Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee, Innovation Realized supports participants to:
  • Immerse in a unique, spectacular and multi-sensory environment
  • Network with peers and professionals from across the globe
  • Discuss shared challenges at the vanguard of transformation and accelerate self-learning
  • Ignite unexpected and uncharted thinking in a multi-sensory environment and small group discussions to drive actionable takeaways
  • Participate in facilitated debates on issues of urgency
  • Transcend conventional boundaries between participant and speaker
  • Accelerate personal and organizational change
  • Explore the next horizon in deep-dive NextWave industry workshops
  • Engage with technology professionals one-to-one at the Transformation Enablement Zone
  • Activate private meetings with EY subject-matter professionals
  • Share next steps and lessons learned in small groups, masterclasses, and plenaries
  • Discover the cutting-edge of innovation from Asia-based start-ups
  • Emerge with immediately actionable takeaways
  • Imagine what’s after what’s next

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